5 Steps Before You Rent Co-Working Space

5 Steps Before You Rent Co-Working Space


by Administrator

September 2, 2020

Are you looking for a place where you can learn and work at the same time? If so, coworking space is where your search shall stop.

Working around with similar people like you is a great way to explore and enhance your skills. You learn better and excel faster when you work with the people of the same field. Moreover, coworking space is an opportunity for freelancers to get new business and expand its network in the market.

As a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you can operate professionally by working in a coworking space. There are many reasons to choose share facilities - better amenities, learning opportunities, and an excellent working environment - all in very affordable price.

Coworking space is an alternative to the traditional office which is an ideal space for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups as this is where new connections are built, new ideas are evolved and new ways of working can be learned.

In addition, it is a great place for someone who is looking forward to build their operation without making hefty investment on building their own office space and worry about its day-to-day operation rather than focusing on your core idea.

Keeping all these things in mind, you also should know the steps that you need to consider when selecting the perfect coworking space for you.

1. Location

The location of the coworking space should be the center of attraction while selecting the coworking space. It defines the time you spend on transportation to reach your new office space. Moreover, the location you choose should not be too far your house or if it is far you should check whether the local transportation is easily available or not.

If you prefer working remotely, you should prefer choosing that location which is easily accessible for you. This means, the location should not just be close to your house but the location should be easy to commute.

If your client regularly visits you then the location of your client should also be the key element. Your client won't prefer to travel hours just to visit you. Therefore, your client's location should also be considered.

Moreover, the best option would be to subscribe to space which allows you to work from multiple locations from a single subscription. And the most interesting part about this is you can call client meeting as per your client preference.

You can choose that coworking space which is at the center of the city and can get transportation access from every corner of the city.

2. Amenities

Coworking space should have all the necessary amenities that one will need in the working space. You need to check whether the coworking space you will be working in is fully equipped with all the things you want.

Invest time on comparing your options on the base on your requirements to work and the comfort level. Make sure that the space you choose has a comfortable environment to work and spend time.

The major amenities that coworking space should provide are:

•          High-speed internet

•          Aesthetically pleasing space

•          Locker

•          Security

•          Cafeteria or Pantry

•          Shared access meeting rooms

•          Recreation area

•          And many more

Schedule a day to visit the coworking space to ensure whether all the amenities are available or not. On your visit to the coworking space make sure that amenities have met the quality standard. Most importantly, you need to check the hygiene of the cafeteria.

3. Flexibility

Flexible coworking space means it doesn’t have any restrictions on the time of the visit and uses of amenities. Coworking space is just not about earning a profit, it should also be concerned about making members comfortable while working and give access to members any time they want.

The coworking space you choose should also be available during the workdays and off days. But this does not mean that you get access to every coworking asset, you might not get certain facilities like front desk service and cafeteria after work hour. But you should confirm the special hours and restrictions in the use of certain assets after work hours.

You may also assure whether there is a trial period available or not. A trial period is a duration to figure out whether the coworking space is good for you or not before you make a commitment. The trial period is a free day during which you can use the coworking space as a member that help you decide whether to sign or cancel the contract.

4. Type of space

Coworking space usually has three types of desks facilities: hot desk, fixed desk, and cabin space. Look for these facilities around the coworking space and analyze at which corner these desks are placed.

Before you sign for the contract make sure to ask about desk facilities and choose that desk that suits your work.

To make your desk search easy here is the short descriptions,

Hot desk: it's that spot where you can open your laptop and start your work anytime you like.

Fixed desk: it is a reserved desk that is allotted for you on the base of your schedule.

Cabin space: this space suits those who work in a team. It is typically for office use.

Analyze the assets properly and figure out which desk suits you the best.

5. Judge the overall space

Every coworking space has a unique interior design making the working environment fun to work. Interior design should have that vibe that encourages you to work and should also have that spot where you can release your stress.

Make sure that the coworking space has enough space to walk. Look around and check whether the assets have been placed convincingly or not. Whether the coworking space is small or big the space looks attractive only if it has vibrant interior design and has all the equipment necessary for your work.

Moreover, you need to make sure it has a comfortable chair as you will be spending most of the time on it.


In short, before you start the hunt of coworking space list out what you want in your working space to get the best result on your investment. Ensure, the selected coworking space has everything that makes you comfortable while you work on your desk.

All the steps mentioned above will surely help you to make the decision and guide you to understand the selection process of the coworking space which matches you the best