5 Tips To Optimize Small Co-Working Space

5 Tips To Optimize Small Co-Working Space


by Administrator

September 2, 2020

Get yourself in the space where you can work enthusiastically and creatively in a cheerful environment.

If you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur or a small business, working from the coworking space can be very productive. As coworking space being a very new concept in Nepal, it has not gained massive popularity. But with time, people are being familiar with the modern concept of working to function effectively.

Small businesses rent a coworking space as it is cost-efficient as well as energize staff to work. You will get a fully furnished space with necessary office equipment along with pleasant surroundings to operate. But, for a freelancer and an entrepreneur getting a coworking space membership is worthy than renting it. When you become a member, you get to utilize all the assets of coworking space. You will get your own desk, chair, and access to the cafeteria, meeting room, and other necessary resources to accomplish your work.

5 tips to optimize small coworking space

Being a silent member of the coworking space will unfortunately not benefit you; thereby, you need to be active enough to get more out of it.

Here are tips to make it effective utilization of the coworking space:


Socializing at the workplace has a significant advantage. Moreover, socializing in the coworking space can prove more beneficial than in a traditional workplace. When you socialize in a traditional workplace, you will be discussing the same old information, but when you socialize in coworking space, you can expand your knowledge. The motive of socialization should enhance your skills, not just talking with many people. You need to make the talk effective so that people involved in the conversation can get benefit from the discussion. Coworking space also organizes events so that members can elongate its network. It's very fruitful to be involved in the events, but make sure that the event proves to be fruitful. Thereby, you need to participate in those even which attract you.

Be a part of online community

Give importance to the coworking online community such as Facebook group, Viber group, or Whatsapp group. These groups keep you in touch with people when you are not physically present in coworking space. On the coworking group, you can ask help, find people with the same interest, and you can benefit yourself with different aspects.

An entrepreneur who is looking for a freelance graphic designer can find one in the coworking group. It's a great platform for you to find the people for your business. You may find web developer, web designer, content writer, SEO person, a software developer that suits your business.

You can also use this group to create product awareness. Moreover, you can create awareness by share product link and offers in the product so that group member knows about your product and show some interest in it. But that doesn't mean you use the group for the product promotion only, your main intention in this group should be to search for the opportunity to connect with people.

Collaborate with the coworking members

When you work yourself, you will just be limited to your skills and knowledge. The intention of coworking space is to create a collaborative environment. Helping each other is the culture at coworking space. At coworking space, you will find people working in different sectors. The most interesting part is that you may find the right person working next to you, who has the same interest as yours.

If you could not find the right person next to you, just look around and don't hesitate to ask for help. Coworking space is meant to collaborate with members and help each other in need. Talking in the community about your interests can help you find the person to collaborate. Be open about your subject matter so that the person or team you collaborate with understands you and can work productively.

Make the use of the meeting room

Meeting rooms are an essential feature of coworking space. These rooms are always on demand, so you need to book the meeting room as soon as you realize you need one. Members make use of meeting rooms when they need to collaborate in a team and when they have to discuss a confidential topic. As coworking is all about communication and collaboration, member prefers to discuss on private rather than in open space. Moreover, the meeting room is not just for the members to discuss on the topic, and you can also use it for the client meeting. Hence, you are also allowed to book the meeting room if you have a meeting with your client.

Utilize coworking space to fullest

Coworking space is not a boring space where you come, work, and go. This concept is developed with the intention to make the work fun and interesting. Thereby you need to make use of every necessary thing in the coworking space. The most amazing part of coworking is that you can work at your flexible time, take a break on your time, find a comfortable place to work, and drink coffee during your work. There is no restriction on your working manner, and you may work as you like.

Moreover, you can use the cafeteria, rest area, game zone on your time. These areas at coworking space are created to refresh you from your work. Other than this, coworking space will have everything that a regular office will have, like paper, printer, scanner, Wi-Fi, etc.

Final thoughts

Coworking space is taking over the traditional work process. It is developing faster and is being appreciated by many people as it is the source of career development. Moreover, coworking space is the first choice of freelancer as they won't feel isolated when working in a coworking space. And coworking can also give them more business and increase their social network. Small businesses also prefer coworking as they can find the right person for their business at the salary they can afford. If you freelancer or a small business joining coworking space is a worthy place to spend your work time.