Coworking Space vs. Traditional Office Space: Which is Better?

Coworking Space vs. Traditional Office Space: Which is Better?


by Administrator

August 31, 2020

Nowadays people have choices to choose how they prefer to work. As there are choices, it can be difficult to decide which space is better for you. When the nature of work is changing the actual working style is becoming the key factor of the business.

Coworking space offers ranges of facilities from security to lounge with coffee and amenities to the members. But traditional working space is somehow different from coworking space in terms of privacy, control, and other factors. Employees in office have their dedicated desk where they undertake their work but in coworking space you can move to find the corner that suits you.

Traditional office space is bounded will rules and regulations, but now people need a more flexible environment like coworking space to work productively. Selecting a place for your business, you would choose either coworking space or traditional office space

Differences in coworking space vs. traditional office space


Every person working in business knows the value of networking. For entrepreneurs, small business and freelancers networking is essential to expand the business. Want to meet new people? you need to go out often to introduce you and your business. Coworking space can be the platform to extend your business reach.

Moreover, coworking space provides meeting and greeting opportunities on a regular basis. It's a platform where you can meet like-minded people, share ideas, establish relationships and you can even coordinate within the community to work.

However, traditional office space is quite different from this. You have an opportunity to interact and coordinate but with just a limited number of people. Employees will have limited networking opportunities outside the business.


Business emerges with an innovative idea. Coworking space provides an ideal environment for creativity to generate new ideas. The working environment has an impact on work quality. When the place you work is vibrant, you can improve the ability to process information and produce great results.

In order to work creatively, you need proper space and flexible working hours. In coworking space you can move from one corner to another corner, take a break when you like, entry and exit in your time, there is no restriction on the way you work.

While traditional workspace is not very flexible in the working patterns. You need to work under the policy of the office. However, in traditional offices it's easy to collaborate between and within the departments. But it's difficult to generate ideas for the projects because of the monotonous working patterns.


Coworking is less formal and has fewer restrictions which give you enough freedom during your working hours. These factors in the coworking space can help to generate positivity within you making you more energetic in your work. You can refresh yourself before you come back to the regular task and work more effectively.

But that doesn't mean traditional office doesn't deliver productive work. It just means in coworking space you can work much better if you have to do creative stuff. Moreover, you can also coordinate with people in a similar field to complete your task.

In coworking space you can teach and learn but you hardly find this in a traditional office. Supporting each other to grow is the essential feature of coworking space. However, in traditional office people get so busy in their work, they hardly get time to help their colleagues.


The working atmosphere in the coworking space is calm and relaxed compared to the traditional office. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety boosting your performance. You can work better only when you are stress-free and focused. Moreover, coworking space is where you are self-controlled, thus you get a chance to experiment with your work.

But in traditional office space, a business owner has a responsibility to control, manage, and look after the comfort of the employee. Therefore, creating and maintaining the working environment depends upon how the business owner manages the office space. This means employees need to work how as per the advice of their senior.


Employees spend almost the whole day together in a traditional office. This will probably form a strong relationship among the employees which can help in coordinating. However, when the same team will be working in generating ideas, team members might feel difficulties while working in different projects and trying to work creatively in each one.

Coworking workspace is more like a place where creative people gather. You might not be able to form a very strong relation with every coworking member but establishing good relations with few people like you can be beneficial. When working in a coworking space you'll discover new ways of working if you can socialize within the community.

Relationships in coworking space and traditional office work differently. In a traditional office, relationships develop strongly within the office premises but in coworking space there are no boundaries in extending your relationships.


You grow when you get opportunities. Coworking space is the best platform if you seek to push your limits. It's very obvious that when you meet new people, establish networks and relationships you get opportunities to showcase your skills and refine it. Coworking is the place where you can understand the market closely.

But that doesn't mean traditional office lack opportunities. Employees do have opportunities too, they get internal opportunities. As employees don't have many connections outside the office, thereby they just have chances to grow with their office only.

Which is best for you?

If you are working alone or you have a business of small team, you may prefer working in a coworking space. It can be beneficial for you as you can save money and increase the productivity level. If you are looking for collaborative teamwork to generate creativity then coworking space can be the best choice for you.

The business that has large staff may work in traditional office space. When you are a large business you would prefer to have a silent working environment. Thereby, working in a traditional workspace is a good decision for you.

Whether you choose to work in a coworking space or a traditional office, you should think about how you can work effectively to generate a productive result.